My Birthday!

Hey Y’all! I hope you are having a fabulous day! As many of you know today is my birthday and rather then telling you all about want for my birthday, and all that stuff, I am going to tell you a funny story. This is a birthday memory, in fact we have it in a home movie somewhere. It’s from my 4th birthday I thought you all might get a kick out of it! So here it goes:

When I was 4 I loved Dora The Explorer. I used to watch that show almost every day. So, here I am on my 4th birthday opening my presents. All I wanted was a Dora backpack. I got quite a few gifts, but I would just open them, look at them a second, and through them on the table. I guess you could say I was a little selfish. I mean my mom got my sister a small gift (just for fun) and she was so happy and thanked my mom a million times, as I sat there screaming “Where’s my Dora Backpack???” or “Whys she getting a gift? It’s MY birthday!”. Anyways, all the gifts were done being opened and I still didn’t have a Dora Backpack. I was pretty upset, but then it happened. My mom left and  went her room. I guess I didn’t pay much a attention to why. But then here she comes with another gift in her hand. I suppose you know where this story is going now…It was the Dora Backpack! Man was I excited about that thing. I may not have really said thanks for the other gifts, but I sure did for this one!

That’s the end of the story but I just thought you might all smile at it. So, now that you have heard that story I am going to tell you another. Although this is not a birthday story I still think it is pretty funny:

One evening we decided we were going to have a bonfire. Mom bought hot-dogs and smore supplies. Well, we brought the hot dogs outside (I don’t remember who, I think Dad) and set them on a lawn chair. Then we went in to get the rest of the food. Keep in mind that our dogs were running around outside having some fun. So we come back outside, and what do we find? Our dog Sophie having little to much fun eating all the hot-dogs!! I guess you can imagine we were a little upset. But Dad still wanted to have that bonfire so he drove down to the market and bought more hot-dogs!! At least this time no dogs ate them.This was a while back but I still smile when I think about it!

I hope you enjoyed reading a couple funny stories from my life. I guess now that I am a year older it gives me more room to have even more adventures!

Yours truly,

-Country Gal

By cnn1999

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