A post just for fun

Howdy Fellow Internet Users!

Sorry, for not having any posts since the 23rd. I have been pretty busy, between farm stuff and school it seems I always have something to do. Anyways, I thought I would you all know what I have been up to. Yesterday, we had a birthday party. It was for both my Mom, my Brother, and Me! You will never believe what I got…Do I have your brain thinking now? Hmmmm…What could it be? A new keyboard! Yep that’s right, the old keyboard I had was my Dad’s. The problem was that it was very small (So small it did not even have a stand), also you could only play one note at a time on it. Now I have a full sized (with a stand) keyboard, with tons of settings! It is pretty awesome!I also got a bunch of other cool stuff including: A Cute purple hat, a cute penguin(stuffed animal), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, The Outsiders movie, a picture, and some pretty cool cards!

Let me know in the comments what you have been up to!

-Country Gal


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