Believe. Just Believe.

I have always thought that believing in yourself, was the best thing that you can do  for yourself, and everyone around you. Recently I was told that I had to write an essay stating why I believe this. I guess, I always just thought everyone felt the same way, but maybe not.
I strongly think that believing in yourself is the best kind of medicine there is. Just take me for example, I show poultry and other animals at our fair. Over the past couple of years I have noticed many people wearing bejeweled belts. Every one that had these kind of belts seemed to win. I started to think that the belt was the key to winning. So, my mom went out and bought me a belt of this sort. I wore it to the State Fair, and did just as well as any other year. Yet, some how I still felt that it had to do with the belt. The next month was the County Fair and I planned to wear the belt to the poultry show. I just knew I would do great. Well, when we got to the fair it turned out I had forgot to grab my belt. I do admit I cried, but who wouldn’t? I felt as if I could not do any good with out it. My Mom said that I would do great with out it, if I just believed I could do it. So that’s what I did. As it turned out I won first place, and all my animals placed.
So, as you may know the moral of this story is to just believe in yourself and you will do great!

-Country Gal


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