Update on the farm

Howdy fellow internet users! And thanks for viewing my blog! Lately there has a lot going on our farm. Spring seems to be coming and the grass is turning green. With spring coming upon us rather quick we find that we have 7 new animals on our farm. That’s right 7! After my last post about having 2 new baby goats our other goat, Maggie, had triplets! Then today, when we went down to our barn we found 2 new surprises! To sum that up, another goat, Abby, had twins!

Along with all of our goats we have been working with our llama. As you may recall we are training her to walk on a lead. She actually is doing a very good job. Along with our llama we have been working with our 2 alpacas, Lightening Bolt and Taurus. They seem to be a little more trouble then the llama. Although, we bought them from a lady that said they had been shown before, they seem to always have there brakes on!

The sun has been shining here on our little farm and it seems we all (well at least me!) can’t wait for spring/summer. But most of all, for school to be out! I love to hear from you, so let me know what you have been up to!

-Country Gal



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