An As Promised Post♥

Hey everyone!

As promised in the former blog, I will tell you about family Christmas traditions and how I celebrate! Also tell you all about some improvements to the blog! Lets get started by talking about the Holidays!

Every Christmas there is much to be celebrated. After Thanksgiving we put up all of our lights, decor, and break out the Christmas music! Before we know it, its Christmas eve. We go to my Uncles church and afterwords we eat a wonderful dinner! When dinner, games, and talking are over for the evening we go to the nativity scene in Columbus. It has always been a tradition of my family’s, and it is super fun!

When Christmas day rolls around we get up really early! Usually at least 6AM! It adds more excitement to the day to get up early. We turn on all the Christmas lights and us kids wake up the parents. We open all the gifts and before you know it my other sister and her husband are hear! We do gifts with them, and wait until later when all the rest of the relatives come. We eat dinner, open gifts, play games, and laugh alot! At the end of the day when everyone goes home, we think of how the day went and how much fun we had!

Now, that was our traditions! The second thing I want to tell you all about is some of the updates to the blog. If you have been looking around recently you will have noticed that there are some more pages for you to check out. For those of you who have not, they are as follows:

Music: This page is were you will find all things music. From new covers of songs, my favorite songs, polls, and a place to express your music views!

Books: This page will tell you all about the books I have read, am reading, book reviews, and creates a place for you to talk about your recent finds in the book world.

DIY crafts: You will find craft ideas, and things that are sper simple for you to make!

Recipes: You will find recipes from different time periods, my favorite food/recipes, and you can even share your recipes!

I will hopefully have a post a week in each on (or at least 2) their specific topic. So, make sure to check back to each page daily! And don’t forget to share my blog with all your friends!

~Country Gal




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