Update on the farm

Howdy fellow internet users! And thanks for viewing my blog! Lately there has a lot going on our farm. Spring seems to be coming and the grass is turning green. With spring coming upon us rather quick we find that we have 7 new animals on our farm. That’s right 7! After my last post about having 2 new baby goats our other goat, Maggie, had triplets! Then today, when we went down to our barn we found 2 new surprises! To sum that up, another goat, Abby, had twins!

Along with all of our goats we have been working with our llama. As you may recall we are training her to walk on a lead. She actually is doing a very good job. Along with our llama we have been working with our 2 alpacas, Lightening Bolt and Taurus. They seem to be a little more trouble then the llama. Although, we bought them from a lady that said they had been shown before, they seem to always have there brakes on!

The sun has been shining here on our little farm and it seems we all (well at least me!) can’t wait for spring/summer. But most of all, for school to be out! I love to hear from you, so let me know what you have been up to!

-Country Gal




Sorry, for the lack of new posts. Recently I  have been pretty busy with school and farm work. So this post is to catch you up on what I have been up to.

On Sunday (the 6th) our goat Charlotte had two babies. One is a boy, named Pablo. And the other is a girl, named Peanut. I don’t have a very good picture at the time, but I will try to get some the next time I go to the barn.

Also, on Sunday we brought our llama, Kahlua, out for a walk. She actually did a pretty good job, and Mom has brought her out two more times since. I have a picture of her (from last month) just to give you an idea of what she looks like!

Now, I shall tell you why this post is titled “mystery”. Yesterday we got a new cat from our friend. She knew we wanted another barn cat, and she didn’t want her anymore. So, we agreed to get her. When we got home from being out all day (yes the cat was upset from being in cage almost all day!) we put her in a nice, clean, soft, dog cage. She needs to get use to her new surroundings. This morning when we went down to take care of her she was gone! Yes, gone! We have NO clue how she got out!! We searched everywhere but could not find her. We only found her a few minutes ago. It turns out she was between two boxes, and I am guessing she was there all day!

So with that, the mystery is solved. Except for how she got out of the cage… Let me know what you have been up to, and don’t forget to tell your friends about my site!

-Country Gal

Believe. Just Believe.

I have always thought that believing in yourself, was the best thing that you can do  for yourself, and everyone around you. Recently I was told that I had to write an essay stating why I believe this. I guess, I always just thought everyone felt the same way, but maybe not.
I strongly think that believing in yourself is the best kind of medicine there is. Just take me for example, I show poultry and other animals at our fair. Over the past couple of years I have noticed many people wearing bejeweled belts. Every one that had these kind of belts seemed to win. I started to think that the belt was the key to winning. So, my mom went out and bought me a belt of this sort. I wore it to the State Fair, and did just as well as any other year. Yet, some how I still felt that it had to do with the belt. The next month was the County Fair and I planned to wear the belt to the poultry show. I just knew I would do great. Well, when we got to the fair it turned out I had forgot to grab my belt. I do admit I cried, but who wouldn’t? I felt as if I could not do any good with out it. My Mom said that I would do great with out it, if I just believed I could do it. So that’s what I did. As it turned out I won first place, and all my animals placed.
So, as you may know the moral of this story is to just believe in yourself and you will do great!

-Country Gal

A post just for fun

Howdy Fellow Internet Users!

Sorry, for not having any posts since the 23rd. I have been pretty busy, between farm stuff and school it seems I always have something to do. Anyways, I thought I would you all know what I have been up to. Yesterday, we had a birthday party. It was for both my Mom, my Brother, and Me! You will never believe what I got…Do I have your brain thinking now? Hmmmm…What could it be? A new keyboard! Yep that’s right, the old keyboard I had was my Dad’s. The problem was that it was very small (So small it did not even have a stand), also you could only play one note at a time on it. Now I have a full sized (with a stand) keyboard, with tons of settings! It is pretty awesome!I also got a bunch of other cool stuff including: A Cute purple hat, a cute penguin(stuffed animal), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, The Outsiders movie, a picture, and some pretty cool cards!

Let me know in the comments what you have been up to!

-Country Gal

My Birthday!

Hey Y’all! I hope you are having a fabulous day! As many of you know today is my birthday and rather then telling you all about want for my birthday, and all that stuff, I am going to tell you a funny story. This is a birthday memory, in fact we have it in a home movie somewhere. It’s from my 4th birthday I thought you all might get a kick out of it! So here it goes:

When I was 4 I loved Dora The Explorer. I used to watch that show almost every day. So, here I am on my 4th birthday opening my presents. All I wanted was a Dora backpack. I got quite a few gifts, but I would just open them, look at them a second, and through them on the table. I guess you could say I was a little selfish. I mean my mom got my sister a small gift (just for fun) and she was so happy and thanked my mom a million times, as I sat there screaming “Where’s my Dora Backpack???” or “Whys she getting a gift? It’s MY birthday!”. Anyways, all the gifts were done being opened and I still didn’t have a Dora Backpack. I was pretty upset, but then it happened. My mom left and  went her room. I guess I didn’t pay much a attention to why. But then here she comes with another gift in her hand. I suppose you know where this story is going now…It was the Dora Backpack! Man was I excited about that thing. I may not have really said thanks for the other gifts, but I sure did for this one!

That’s the end of the story but I just thought you might all smile at it. So, now that you have heard that story I am going to tell you another. Although this is not a birthday story I still think it is pretty funny:

One evening we decided we were going to have a bonfire. Mom bought hot-dogs and smore supplies. Well, we brought the hot dogs outside (I don’t remember who, I think Dad) and set them on a lawn chair. Then we went in to get the rest of the food. Keep in mind that our dogs were running around outside having some fun. So we come back outside, and what do we find? Our dog Sophie having little to much fun eating all the hot-dogs!! I guess you can imagine we were a little upset. But Dad still wanted to have that bonfire so he drove down to the market and bought more hot-dogs!! At least this time no dogs ate them.This was a while back but I still smile when I think about it!

I hope you enjoyed reading a couple funny stories from my life. I guess now that I am a year older it gives me more room to have even more adventures!

Yours truly,

-Country Gal

By cnn1999

A post for my Mom

As some may know, today is my wonderful Mom’s birthday! So, I would like to dedicate a whole blog post just to her. Hmm…Where do I even begin? She is a caring, beautiful, kind mother who does everything she can for her family. We may not say it enough, but I am saying it now. Thank you.

When living on a farm chores (taking care of the animals) has to be done twice a day. Guess who gets to do them? My wonderful Mom. I mean sure we come down to help (usually at night) but Mom does it every time! She hardly even questions the fact of if she has to do them. When she sick, or doesn’t feel good she just keeps going. She doesn’t stop to rest. No she makes sure we have everything that WE need.

Let’s bring you through day in her life shall we?

She wakes up and has some coffee. Then she wakes me and my sister Reagan up. She then proceeds to go down to the barn to do the chores. When she gets up she more then likely makes us breakfast. Then she usually does housework until around 3:30 PM or 4:00 PM when it is time to do chores again. When we get back up from the barn it is time to make dinner. After we all eat, she helps us clean up.

See how hard she works everyday? You know why she does it though? Because she knows that’s what we need. She doesn’t consider herself in this, she considers us. I guess that’s just a few reasons why I love my Mom so much. Because she puts others importance in front of her own.

So, I guess I will end this post saying: thank you and I love you mom!

-Country Gal

By cnn1999

Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone!

So, I’m new to this whole blogging thing, but I hope you will give my blog a chance. I live on a farm in Fredericktown, Ohio. I have grown up on a farm almost my whole life, and I would love to be a able to share a little bit of my life with you! There is almost always some sort of adventure here on the farm, and it seems there is just not enough people to share it with!

Y’all come back now ya hear!!

~Country Gal