The “Cheep” Daily

Oh my goodness, no blog posts for a long time! So, you probably are all wondering why the lack of posts. Well, read on and you will find out 🙂

It seems that spring has sprung here on our 23 acre farm. And with spring comes a lot of busyness. As you remember from a couple posts ago we have been having baby goats born on our farm. We currently have 7 and we have one other goat expecting. The baby’s are already growing at a pretty fast rate and our as rotten as ever! In fact two of the babies are named “Boonie” and “Clyde” because they are so rotten! They seem to be just small enough that they can squeeze out from the fence. They find the hay VERY fun!! 🙂

So, why the name for this post? Almost all know that chicks go “cheep”! And our farm has been in full swing with hatching chicks. I believe we are on our 4th hatch of the season. Now, you’re probably thinking “you really need that many chickens?” Well, we can always use new layers, but our hatch rates have not been that great. But as my mom would say, it is almost addictive hatching chicks. It is fascinating to one day pick up an egg and 21 days later have a living, breathing, chick! Along with hatching we have 48 broilers. The broilers we will sell to customers at my father’s job.

I hope y’all are doing great!

~Country Gal