Words. They can make you smile, cry, angry, but they make up this world. Words have a huge impact on your life, and you may not even realize it. Recently I have been helping alot of people, through alot of things, and it made me stop for a second and realize. Words are all around us.

We can’t help what other people are going to say, but in reality we can realize that all they are saying is words. Words were meant to make up the way speak, but not the way we treat each other. We shouldn’t abuse words, and hurt people with the things we’re saying, just because we have the words to use.

Labeling people. This is one of my largest pet peeves. People label people, that they don’t even know. How do they do this? Using WORDS. Fat, ugly, stupid, so on and so forth. Theres nothing we can seem do about it, because its just the world we live in today.

So, I guess your all probably thinking “What do these words, this post, anything have to do with me?” Well, this is a message I want everybody to know. I want EVERYBODY to know that when someone says something that hurts you, those are only words. Until that person has stepped a day in your shoes, they don’t have any idea. So, the next time someone tries to hurt you in that way, step up for yourself. Say, “Ya know what? Those words. Words can’t hurt me.” Because you are so much stronger than those words, and what they say? You best believe that they have no idea. They think they can out do you with what they say. But they can’t. It’s time we show everyone, that we are stronger than their words. Whose with me?

Let me know your thoughts!

-Country gal-


Revamp for the new year?

I know what your all thinking, as I have thought it myself; “Where the heck has this blog gone?” Its been a busy past few months, and my life has sort of been all of the place. No dramatization there. I want to revamp my blog. I want it to be a place people want to come, and were I can just let all of my feelings on topics out. So yeah, not as much farming, but not complete indie hipster either. Is there a nice in between?

I love all you guys, and you have all supported me so much through the past, so I want to give you all a blog you can love as much as I love you all! I don’t want to sound all emotional and ridiculous, because honestly? I just want y’all to share my blog, enjoy my blog, and have a nice day.

Let me know in the comments, and on my Facebook page, what y’all would like to see more of on my blog. This way I can make it the best it can possibly be. Thanks ahead of time for all the support, and feedback, I truly appreciate it!

-Country Gal

An up and coming Christmas and an oppertunity for you!

Hello out there! Sorry for so few posts! I realized yesterday that I had not posted since June! I suppose that’s because after June was when summer really started up, and as many know summer is when our farm thrives. Fairs, shows, washing chickens, etc. This year was a pretty successful show year, and our little farm really showed that it’s animals (and people!) could be successful! A couple of my best achievements:

2 first place showmanship at Ohio State fair(poultry),

1 place showmanship county fair, plus Master showman at county fair(poultry),

Best of show alpaca,

3rd place showmanship Ohio National Poultry show,

and the best for last….Grand Champion Continental at the Ohio National Poultry show!! Woot woot!

Now those were just some, and only mine! My sister did very well this year too! 1st in showmanship’s, grand champion large fowl, etc…Now that I have gone over that, it’s time to talk about the up and coming! It is nearly Christmas (just 16 days!)! I can hardly believe how the year has flown by and that it is nearly 2013. It seems that just yesterday we were all gathered around the Christmas tree laughing and opening gifts.

Now I want to do something a little different for this post. Rather than me just talking about what my family does for Christmas, I want to here about you! Let me know how you celebrate your Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate in the comments below! The more comments the better! After you all have told me about what you are doing, I will write another post about how my family celebrates. So go ahead, type away!

~Country gal




Shearing day

Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog! It is a beautiful day here on our hill top farm. The sun is shining and the goats are all out grazing. My lack of posts (as you may be wondering) has simply just been that I have been very busy. It seems that as soon as the sun starts shining we get super busy! So, to tell you about my past weekend, I decided to sum it up with a few pictures (everyone loves pictures..Right?) ;).

Saturday I got up at an early 6:50AM. That morning we had to get to the fairgrounds for a Poultry clinic/Quality assurance for our county. As soon as that was over we headed home. After a quick lunch we packed up our 2 sheep and headed to our friends house. It was shearing day! The night before (Friday) we had brought over our 2 alpacas and 1 llama. All in all counting the other 2 family’s there were 17 llamas/alpacas and 2 sheep, to get sheared. We spent the rest of the day shearing (well…Not us shearing. There were professionals for that). We had to have been there about 5 hours or so (yes, I slept good that night).

The next day was Mothers day. We went out for breakfast and then went shopping. We spent a while just hanging out at home. Then Dad, my sister, and I went to the store. We bought all the supplies we needed and made Mom dinner. All in all it was a pretty good weekend.

Here are sum pictures of shearing day:

Taurus after he got sheared 🙂

Lightening Bolt (L.B.) after he got sheared =)

Kahula after she got sheared ^_^

Well, that’s all for this post! Let me know what you have been up to! ~Country Gal~

The “Cheep” Daily

Oh my goodness, no blog posts for a long time! So, you probably are all wondering why the lack of posts. Well, read on and you will find out 🙂

It seems that spring has sprung here on our 23 acre farm. And with spring comes a lot of busyness. As you remember from a couple posts ago we have been having baby goats born on our farm. We currently have 7 and we have one other goat expecting. The baby’s are already growing at a pretty fast rate and our as rotten as ever! In fact two of the babies are named “Boonie” and “Clyde” because they are so rotten! They seem to be just small enough that they can squeeze out from the fence. They find the hay VERY fun!! 🙂

So, why the name for this post? Almost all know that chicks go “cheep”! And our farm has been in full swing with hatching chicks. I believe we are on our 4th hatch of the season. Now, you’re probably thinking “you really need that many chickens?” Well, we can always use new layers, but our hatch rates have not been that great. But as my mom would say, it is almost addictive hatching chicks. It is fascinating to one day pick up an egg and 21 days later have a living, breathing, chick! Along with hatching we have 48 broilers. The broilers we will sell to customers at my father’s job.

I hope y’all are doing great!

~Country Gal



Update on the farm

Howdy fellow internet users! And thanks for viewing my blog! Lately there has a lot going on our farm. Spring seems to be coming and the grass is turning green. With spring coming upon us rather quick we find that we have 7 new animals on our farm. That’s right 7! After my last post about having 2 new baby goats our other goat, Maggie, had triplets! Then today, when we went down to our barn we found 2 new surprises! To sum that up, another goat, Abby, had twins!

Along with all of our goats we have been working with our llama. As you may recall we are training her to walk on a lead. She actually is doing a very good job. Along with our llama we have been working with our 2 alpacas, Lightening Bolt and Taurus. They seem to be a little more trouble then the llama. Although, we bought them from a lady that said they had been shown before, they seem to always have there brakes on!

The sun has been shining here on our little farm and it seems we all (well at least me!) can’t wait for spring/summer. But most of all, for school to be out! I love to hear from you, so let me know what you have been up to!

-Country Gal


A post just for fun

Howdy Fellow Internet Users!

Sorry, for not having any posts since the 23rd. I have been pretty busy, between farm stuff and school it seems I always have something to do. Anyways, I thought I would you all know what I have been up to. Yesterday, we had a birthday party. It was for both my Mom, my Brother, and Me! You will never believe what I got…Do I have your brain thinking now? Hmmmm…What could it be? A new keyboard! Yep that’s right, the old keyboard I had was my Dad’s. The problem was that it was very small (So small it did not even have a stand), also you could only play one note at a time on it. Now I have a full sized (with a stand) keyboard, with tons of settings! It is pretty awesome!I also got a bunch of other cool stuff including: A Cute purple hat, a cute penguin(stuffed animal), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, The Outsiders movie, a picture, and some pretty cool cards!

Let me know in the comments what you have been up to!

-Country Gal

Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone!

So, I’m new to this whole blogging thing, but I hope you will give my blog a chance. I live on a farm in Fredericktown, Ohio. I have grown up on a farm almost my whole life, and I would love to be a able to share a little bit of my life with you! There is almost always some sort of adventure here on the farm, and it seems there is just not enough people to share it with!

Y’all come back now ya hear!!

~Country Gal