Shearing day

Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog! It is a beautiful day here on our hill top farm. The sun is shining and the goats are all out grazing. My lack of posts (as you may be wondering) has simply just been that I have been very busy. It seems that as soon as the sun starts shining we get super busy! So, to tell you about my past weekend, I decided to sum it up with a few pictures (everyone loves pictures..Right?) ;).

Saturday I got up at an early 6:50AM. That morning we had to get to the fairgrounds for a Poultry clinic/Quality assurance for our county. As soon as that was over we headed home. After a quick lunch we packed up our 2 sheep and headed to our friends house. It was shearing day! The night before (Friday) we had brought over our 2 alpacas and 1 llama. All in all counting the other 2 family’s there were 17 llamas/alpacas and 2 sheep, to get sheared. We spent the rest of the day shearing (well…Not us shearing. There were professionals for that). We had to have been there about 5 hours or so (yes, I slept good that night).

The next day was Mothers day. We went out for breakfast and then went shopping. We spent a while just hanging out at home. Then Dad, my sister, and I went to the store. We bought all the supplies we needed and made Mom dinner. All in all it was a pretty good weekend.

Here are sum pictures of shearing day:

Taurus after he got sheared 🙂

Lightening Bolt (L.B.) after he got sheared =)

Kahula after she got sheared ^_^

Well, that’s all for this post! Let me know what you have been up to! ~Country Gal~