Dear Someone

You. Three letters, one word, so much meaning. How do YOU see yourself? Self confidence is key to a successful life, and if you don’t have self confidence, and high self esteem, your life wont be nearly as enjoyable. This post is to any girl or guy out there who thinks they aren’t good enough, to anyone who society has labeled, and who has been torn down by harsh words. Called names, made fun of, and to the point where life seems impossible. This one is for YOU.

Ok. So you have been told you have no purpose, feel worthless, and are just so fed up your done with life. Don’t give up darlin, because your worth so much more than any of those people tearing you down. We have all judged people, thats the world we live in. A world where being yourself is ridiculed, and being unique is thrown away. Its wrong, very, very, very wrong. The society that we have  judges based by your looks, by your skin color, the clothing you wear, and where you live.

Girls these days feel forced to wear makeup, are insecure of the size of their body, and feel left out if they live the “single life.” Guys are being told they are weak, ugly, and are bullied on a regular bases. Girls and Guys commit suicide on a daily bases, and all we do is sit back and watch. How many people have to die before this ends?

So, I have a message for all of you who are being told these things, and who feel like nothing. You all have worth. You are all unique in your own way, and the words they say? They arent true. You deserve better. Some day you’re going to get that better, and you’re going to have a good life. I know it feels like you cant go on, but dont give up now. Because you are all worth something. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can take away your worth. God created you to be you, not to try and be somebody your not. You are absolutely perfect in his eyes, and if you throw away your life now, that’s just proving to those people that you believe them. That you believe that you are fat, ugly, and worthless. Well trust me darlin, you are most certainly NOT worthless, or any of those words for that matter. You are more precious than any diamond, gold, or any amount of money on this earth. You are PRICELESS.

So, I will leave you on a positive quote, in hopes that this post helped someone. To whoever is reading this, I hope things get better, and: “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”

Till next time,

-Country Girl